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Critical Praise

   Here is what some reviewers have said about the The Homewrecker creative team’s previous work.

For Allison Lane’s performance in
'Going Down In La-La Land':
For 'WTFU'
(and Allison Lane’s performance in it):

"Allison Lane was spectacular...Lane was the perfect combination of witty bitch, flaky actress, and thoughtful friend. The movie would not have been the same without her comic influence and magnetic energy."
- Gunter Seifert, VERS Magazine (Canada)

"...and best of all, Allison Lane as Candy, Adam's deliciously superficial, self-involved but loyal best friend...Candy deserves her own sitcom."
- David Warner, Daily Loaf (Tampa)

"Stealing the show is Lane, who is hilariously flamboyant and selfcentered but not without a sense of genuine concern and support for her friend and roomie. She rightly deserved her Best Actress award at this year's Iris Festival Prize for this role...she puts behind her character an infectious and unflappable energy."
- James Waygood, So So Gay Magazine

"The star of the film is by far Allison Lane who steals every scene"
- Christian Cintron, EDGE Magazine

"Watch out for scene stealer Candy (Allison Lane); one of the best parts about the film."

"The film largely rests on the capable shoulders of (Matthew) Ludwinski...and (Allison) Lane, who share a wonderful chemistry that is both funny and touching."
- Greg Hernandez, Frontiers LA


"Allison Lane is beyond hilarious… WTFU is a comedy revelation "
- Daily Film Forum

"I almost lost my voice from laughing so much"
-Corey Williams, The Baltimore Examiner

"an even smarter, far more subversive 30 ROCK"
- CBS' ZIMBIO online

"hilariously awesome...about as far from politically correct as you can get…Allison Lane, who directed this film and co-wrote it with Chris Ritter, played Patty Foster. I have never seen such a character who was as obnoxious and as hilariously awesome as she was in this film. Just the way she laughs will bring tears to your eyes…Allison has turned me into an instant super fan. I want to see everything she makes or is involved with now."
- Duane L. Martin, Rogue Cinema

"It's really funny!"
- Luis Hernandez, NPR Radio

"WTFU is lightning fast and seriously wrong—my favorite kind of comedy. It's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time."
- The Amazing Johnathan, Comedy Central and Las Vegas Headlining Comedian

"It made me laugh out loud!"
- Deanna O'Donnell, KPVM-TV


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